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About Simone

Simone spent four years in Grenada studying her BSc. Psychology at St. George’s University, she then went on to achieve her dream of becoming a yoga teacher with internationally celebrated Rasa Yoga teacher Sianna Sherman.

Since then she became an avid student of meditation, mindfulness and spirituality. Simone is currently pursuing her masters degree in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy in the UK.

Her passion for the union of yoga and psychotherapy, personal growth and living a whole and happy life radiates through every class or session and continues to spur her on to new endeavors to share life's fullness with her students and clients.

Simone Da Costa is a 200 hour hatha yoga teacher, a meditation and mindfulness facilitator and currently a senior student in Core Process (Mindfulness Based) Psychotherapy. Simone is qualified to see clients ages 18+ for psychotherapy at this point in training under supervision. Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy is a type of mind-body therapy which uses counseling and somatic practices to incorporate both the body and the mind in the healing process.

Simone's alignment based yoga teaching and guided meditations help individuals to reconnect to their bodies, release tension, stress and anxiety and tap into the well of peace and clarity within them. Simone’s mindfulness training with Stacey Camacho; Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Teacher, provided a comprehensive guide for teaching transformative mindfulness teachings and techniques to adults, teenagers and children through one-to-one or group sessions. 

Over the past five years, Simone has also thoroughly enjoyed blending all her knowledge and experience in mindfulness, yoga and psychology into unique workshops and retreats catered towards self development, self empowerment and self discovery. Simone is passionate about helping individuals to reconnect with their true selves and prioritize their mental, emotional and physical well-being.


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