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Growing is a journal that offers part introspection and part integration.

this journal offers you helpful prompts and reflection questions combined with a 90 day planner guiding you step by step towards applying your inner work and holistic self-care to your life.


Life's continuous ebb and flow can often seem overwhelming, leaving us yearning for a compass to navigate the ever-changing landscape of self-improvement. This book is your guiding star on that journey—an essential companion to help you not only define your growth goals but also stay committed to them.

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Feminine and Neutral versions

My first book, Unfolding has a very feminine tone. I wanted to be more inclusive when producing Growing.

In Growing there is the option for a more neutral version as well a feminine version that includes a couple sections specifically for women.

Both will be available on Amazon, take your pick below.

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Order now!

Growing is currently available on Amazon, happy shopping!

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Purchase details

GROWING is currently being sold locally in Trinidad in the following locations:


1) Junckollage Gypsy Caravan 

located inside Akasha Studio, Maraval. 121 Long Circular Rd.

You can shop online or head in store. 

2) Okazions in Westmall 

(delivery available)

3) Paper Based Book Store in St. Clair

GROWING varies in price across locations from approximately TT$250-$285


Available on Amazon 


1. Go to the amazon of your home country. 

2. Type in Growing and/or my full name: Simone Da Costa 

3. Select the version you'd like and add to cart :) 

4. Enjoy

5. Reach out and let me know what you think 


The first two sections help you dig deep into your own introspection to reflect on relevant areas of yourself, your life, your personal development and the intentions you want to set for your life moving forward.

The final section helps you plug your goals into achievable steps. 

Complete with a habit tracker and review sections so you can keep consistent and learn from what works and what doesn't work. 

19. From your life wheel review and ratings (page 33), which three areas of life need more

Insightful questions

Insightful questions to help you meet yourself where you are in terms of your goals and life intentions and find ways to make your dreams and intentions come true. 

Order on Amazon

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Put your Self-love and care into ACTION

Use the introspection and intention sections to determine what you value, where you are in life, what's important to you and what you need and then use the integration section to plan out a 90 day self-love action plan for yourself. 

Make your intentions and personal development goals achievable! 

Hold yourself accountable!

Remember your why <3

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