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If you have already purchased your copy of Unfolding access your meditations here


A book of journal prompts and meditations to help guide you on your path to self discovery and personal growth.



About unfolding

Your journey begins here.

Unfolding is a book of thought provoking journal prompts and insightful guided meditations to help you dive deep into your self discovery, self care and personal growth. It’s sprinkled with inspirational poems, uplifting line drawings and bonus ‘did you know’ and ‘dig deep’ sections to enliven and deepen your journey. Unfolding provides all the guidance and inspiration you need to allow your inner most radiance to unfold and fill your life with light.

Peep inside

40 journal prompt reflection questions to provoke thought and clarity 

10 guided, audio meditations to facilitate depth and connection

'Dig Deep' and 'Did you know' sections for additional insight and information

Beautiful graphics and quotes to inspire and uplift

If you have already purchased your copy of Unfolding access your meditations here

Reconnect to yourself

For seekers on their journey looking to reconnect to themselves and allow their true selves to be seen and heard, unfolding offers you guidance to understand deeper and attend to your mind, body, heart and soul. 

This journal prompt book is for those moments you've carved out for self care or personal development and enquiry but you don't know where to start. You can open the book at random or pick up where you left off and dive right into a beautiful process of unfolding. 

Unfolding means to gently peal back the layers of your old, conditioned nature and allow the truest version of yourself to rise. 

The meditations gifted among the prompts help you to access a deeper knowing, a well of peace and understanding within you. 

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Simone Da Costa


As a psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher Simone has been on her own personal growth journey for the past 8 years. Her passion lies in integrating each of her areas of study in unique ways to share the wonders of personal growth with others. 

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Lauren Garcia

Graphic Designer & Poet

Lauren M. Garcia is a young and upcoming writer and graphic designer from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Self-taught (@designedbyellemarie) and self-published (@laurenmgarcia13), she brings forth her vulnerability and creativity by marrying both her writing and artistic skills together for the very first time.

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A unique and thoughtful gift

Whether you are gifting yourself , a friend or loved one, Unfolding is a unique gift that shows your relationship is made up of more than what's seen on the surface. 

It's a gift that represents depth and connection. 

Purchase details

Unfolding is currently being sold locally in Trinidad in the following locations:


1) Junckollage Gypsy Caravan 

located inside Akasha Studio, Maraval. 121 Long Circular Rd.

You can shop online or head in store. 


2) Unfolding is also now available at Okazions in Westmall 

(delivery available)

3) Scribbles and Quills in Chaguanas

Unfolding varies in price across locations from approximately TT$195-$225


Available on Amazon 



Kindle version now available! 

For anywhere else in the world: 

1. Go to the amazon of your home country. 

2. Type in Unfolding journal or my full name: Simone Da Costa 

3. Select Unfolding and add to cart :) 

4. Enjoy 

Journal purchase
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International purchase

If you have already purchased your copy of Unfolding access your meditations here

Other options:

If you identify as male and would like a more masculine approach try my partner’s journal prompt book - 'Your Underdog Story'.

Your Underdog Story
A workbook to rewrite the script

Your Underdog Story is a guide and workbook to help you harness the strength of your mind and body. 

Your Underdog Story is a guide and workbook to help you harness the strength of your mind and body. 

There are some questions in this workbook that you might not have ever thought of, or asked yourself before. These questions provide a pathway for challenging your mindset, enhancing your self-confidence and increasing your self-discipline

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Blank, lined journals with covers featuring the inspiring art from inside Unfolding journal. 

These images are meant to help remind us daily of our commitment to self-love and our journey of self-care.

Available now worldwide on amazon.

Available now in Trinidad

Available at:

Junckollage - Maraval

Scribbles and Quills - Chaguanas

(delivery available at both)

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