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Awaken to your true potential.

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"Simone was great, she brought a lot of clarity. The session awoke many feelings and gave me a better perspective on where I am today. I feel lighter and more positive to face any challenges this year, stronger as well. Great workshop".


"I truly enjoyed the practices and the deep peace I was left with. The workbook is an amazing tool for reflection and going deeper within yourself".





"There is no greater gift than making time to spend with yourself. The courage and resilience you find on this journey makes all the difference in this crazy world. This workshop presents a great opportunity for the level of time and reflection with yourself".


"This workshop showed me desires that I did not know I had. It helped me to remember how powerful and resilient we are".


A complete Self Development workshop from the comfort of your home.

What is my Awakening workshop all about? 

Awakening is all about getting the opportunity to reset and realign to your heart's truest intentions for the new year.

It includes a three part workbook that helps you reflect on the year that has past so that you can be intentional about all that you want to do, accomplish and manifest in the new year. The workbook guides you to consider all areas of life when dreaming up your big goals and gives you inspiration to manifest them into reality. 

The unique part about Awakening is that it helps you to align to your passion or purpose in life. So if that's an area you usually feel particularly stuck in, this workshop is for you! 


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The entire workshop includes the workbook as well as 3 guided meditation practices to help you go deeper along the way. 

Your Awakening online workbook includes: 

Part 1

This section helps you to reflect fully on the year that has passed from many different angles. To see where you’re going, it helps to know where you’ve come from. You'll be able to use the answers from this reflection to help build your goals for the year ahead.
Your guided meditation for this section is a Detox meditation to help you clear the blocks and release the old situations from your energetic body. We can't manifest new positivity into our life without clearing space first. 

Part 2
Based on your review, this section helps you clarify your realizations and then organize them into actionable steps. It includes a manifestation sheet that helps you go deeper into cultivating your goals on an emotional and energetic level. There's a meditation in this section to help you with the manifestation process.

Part 3
This section of the workbook is catered towards helping you realize your passion and purpose. If you often feel unfulfilled in your work or feel stuck in trying to find a passion filled career, you'll be grateful for the reflections in the section to bring some clarity to your current situation. This section includes an awakening purpose meditation to help you realize what desires lie deep within. 


After your payment has been made you will be able to download a PDF that has the log in link and passwords to each of the three sections. 

It will be available to you to go at your own pace and return to all throughout the year.

While this program caters towards the end of a year/beginning of a new one, you can use it to check in with your goals and passion all throughout the year; maybe every quarter or at a 6 month mark. 

How will it work?

Full workshop access!

This includes:
1) Full Awakening workbook
2) Guided Detox meditation
3) Guided Manifesting Magic meditation
4) Guided Awakening Purpose meditation

Christmas SALE ON NOW! 

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You get this entire program for $28 US.

That's approximately $190 TT


Ready to dive in?


  • A self-reflection workbook providing you with all you need for some invaluable 'you-time'. 

  • An opportunity to be guided to reflect on the past year and release what no longer serves you in order to make space for the new.

  • Guidance to get clear on your heart's truest desires so that you can manifest things from a place of clear intention.

  • Three unique sessions delivered to you online in the comfort of your home.


?? I can't think of any!

"The experience met and went beyond my expectations. I left feeling mentally, emotionally and physically lighter. The instructions were clearly thought out and were conducive to positive transformation".


"I loved the stages/movement through clearing and then letting in light. I left the workshop feeling as though I worked through some stuck emotions and as though I was much more grounded".


If we don't set goals or intentions for our lives its easy to accidentally get complacent. If we're not moving forwards we're either moving backwards or we're stuck. Goals give us markers to see how far we've gone in our personal growth and development.

Why create new year intentions?


Let's get started! 

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