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Embark 2024

Embark is a 30 page workbook for you full of prompts and other reflection material for you to have a comprehensive, DIY End of Year Retreat of your own.

In it:
Year Review 
2024 Reflections
Guided Meditation

You can order a fillable, digital version or a printable, physical booklet version! 

Pay via credit card or online bank transfer (in Trinidad - just select manual payment at checkout)

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You can fill in your digital workbook on your laptop or tablet. 


Just USD$18.99

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This version you can print out and fill in manually. It prints and fold in half to make a booklet.


Just USD$18.99

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Reviewing your year can help you to:

Get clarity

Learn lessons

Release difficulties

Reconnect to yourself

Provide direction for the year ahead

Setting Intentions can help you to:

Stay balanced and focused

Center when you get off course

Co-create your life and fill it with purpose

Align to your values and desires

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