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When we start to do our inner work we begin to uncover patterns of behavior or unhelpful, old coping strategies.

We start to get a niggling feeling in life that there could be more happiness, and fulfillment.

We think to ourselves maybe I don't think I need to struggle this much, or carry around this much turmoil, confusion, guilt, sadness or pain.

We can imagine that there's a way to reduce the suffering we're experiencing.. 

You're right, there is. 

We can transform what weighs on our hearts from lead, into GOLD.
This is the Alchemical process where we can turn our pain into our power!

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Your transformation awaits you...

Growing up we've all experienced painful emotional situations that caused us to form certain beliefs and behaviors to function in the world around us.

Here’s the problem…

These beliefs and behaviors are outdated and sometimes not helpful to the situation at hand.

You feel out of control of your emotions and behaviors.

You run on autopilot in your relationships and daily interactions and sometimes react in ways you regret. 

You often feel lost, discontented and burnt out in life. 

You people please and over give and can't seem to habituate your own self-care. 

So, you start reading a lot and educating yourself but you just don't know how to heal the wounds and implement the changes you want to see.

Does this sound familiar?

The Alchemical Passage is for you if:

  • You are often overwhelmed by your emotions or completely shut off to them

  • You feel disconnected from the innate wisdom of your body and your body's natural rhythms and cycles

  • You have harmful or limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.

  • You have a mean inner critic and she is constantly dragging you down.

  • You feel like you've lost bits of yourself to other people and situations in life.

  • You over give of your time and energy, self-sacrifice and you try at all costs to please others.

  • You are burnt out and find it hard to ask for help or receive support.

  • You are racked with guilt when trying to make changes in the way you interact with your colleagues or loved ones.

  • You want to not only theorize and learn about your inner challenges, you want to process them and begin to heal them on the level of MIND and BODY.

Walk through...

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The Alchemical Passage

This program is a blend between what you can do in therapy and what you can do in a self development workshop.

The psychotherapeutic journey is normally a long, gradual process. This short course doesn’t aim to attend individually to life challenges in the way therapy would however, it will be a great introduction to begin doing your inner work and to gain clarity around some of the major themes that come up in therapy.

In this course you will be accompanied by an intimate group of other people who are on a similar path as you. I want to provide a safe container, with like-minded individuals for you to connect to in order to do your inner work and reconnect to your truer, inner essence.

This course tackles your inner work through the lens of psychology and psychotherapy with a potent integration of teachings, practices and tools from yoga philosophy and Buddhist theology.

​When you walk through the Alchemical Passage you should come away with:

  • Increased self awareness

  • Knowledge and Integration of childhood wounds

  • Undoing patterns of conditioning and unhealthy defense mechanisms

  • A relationship with your inner critic and your inner child

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Rewritten old narratives and personal beliefs in healthy, positive ways

  • Rewired some subconscious programming

  • More control over your reactions

  • Feeling reconnected with and aligned to who you are at your core

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Self-awareness is a crucial ingredient for self-mastery and healing.

To change anything, you first have to be aware of it.

Potent mindfulness practices will be interwoven throughout this course to have you more self-aware and in control of your responses.


Naturally, your increased self-love and self-awareness can have a positive ripple effect on all the relationships in your life.

Understanding your reaction patterns helps you change unhelpful patterns in relationships.

Befriending your inner critic can help you mend the relationship you have with yourself.


When you realize the limiting beliefs and old, conditioned stories that have been plaguing your subconscious, you free yourself to redefine these beliefs and find greater purpose or fulfillment in your career.

Rewire you scarcity mindset and reprogram your mind for more abundance and success.

Mental Health

Feel more inner peace, joy and fulfillment through transforming some of the patterns that were keeping you stuck in negative loops and spirals.

Find more clarity and contentment by beginning to heal old wounds that are being triggered subconsciously by seemingly simple day to day experiences.

The next program will be offered in August 2024


Thursdays 6:30-8pm AST.

August 1st - September 19th

6 modules delivered ONLINE for 8 weeks



Hybrid sessions - some live, online and some pre-recorded to watch at your own pace

Take home reflections and practices

Group chat and ongoing support

1 Bonus, 45 minute, individual integration session

Alchemical Passage Workbook

Bonus workshops and tools! 


THIS IS A TOTAL TT$5,100 value


Your Investment: only TT$ 2,700

(US$ 397)


1) Pay TT$2700 (US$397) upfront


2) Pay in 2 installments of TT$1450  (US $213)


I've used the word 'apply' simply to get some intake information from you to assure that this program is the best option for you right now as opposed to one to one therapy. 

 one 50% off scholarship spot for anyone who wants to start their journey but could use some financial assistance.

Click here for the scholarship application

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Early bird discount!

Sign up before June 24th!

TT $2500


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Regular price

June 25th onwards:



In the sessions you can expect a neatly interwoven experience of lecture, discussion, self-reflection and practice.

Practices are drawn from Buddhist psychology, yoga philosophy, somatic therapy, CBT and Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy.

We will be addressing core themes that often arise in therapy:

  • Emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Old, outdated, limiting and false beliefs

  • Relational, childhood wounds and reparenting

  • The inner critic and self compassion

  • True self alignment and worth

  • Personal growth, manifestation, purpose and goals

Module 01

Foundation Resources and Emotional Resilience

Learn how to ground yourself and establish feelings of safety for your transformation and expansion. 

Practice self-soothing for nervous system regulation to support your healing journey.

Learn coping strategies for difficult emotions and grow in emotional intelligence

Module 02

Limiting beliefs and Resulting behavior patterns

Uncover your core beliefs and how they have been playing out in your adult life through various patterns of thinking or behavior. 

Learn to transform your beliefs and patterns and rewire your subconscious mind.

Build self-awareness by learning to witness your thoughts and reaction patterns.

Module 03

Core, relational wounds and inner child healing.

Uncover some of your core wounds that might have developed in childhood. Identify where they are being triggered in your adult relationships and circumstances. 

Address the wounds at their root through inner child healing. 

Module 04

Addressing the Inner Critic and Enhancing Self-compassion

Learn to better understand your inner critic and even befriend him/her!

Enhance your self-compassion and develop more self-acceptance through reclaiming abandoned parts of yourself. 

Unearth your inner cheerleader and adopt healthier, more compassionate inner dialogue.

Module 05

Self-worth and Individuation

Reconnect to all of who you truly are and begin to decipher ways to align your true self to a day-to-day life that fulfills you on all levels. Reclaim your sense of self-worth and value so that you can make decisions that support you wholeheartedly. 

Release the guilt that arises when trying to attend to your own wants and needs.

Reparent your inner child and begin to free yourself from the restraints or expectations of others.

Module 06

Celebrating Success and Manifesting your dream life.

Measure your growth and celebrate your success. Get clear on your goals and desires for moving forward after this transformative journey.

Learn how to continue pursuing your personal growth and manifest your dream life.

Image by Suzanne D. Williams

If you want to build self awareness and rewire some of the narratives in your mind, identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior and interrupt those cycles, ​learn to be compassionate and show yourself love and care.... 

This is for you

  • You like a holistic; mind, body, soul approach to your inner work.

  • You want to heal your inner child wounds but don't know how.

  • You are interested in shadow work and want to tame your inner critic.

  • You want to learn how to cope in healthier ways with difficult emotions. 

Sound like you?


The Alchemical passage was a true blessing in my life. The universe is aligning for you to win! I just needed to get out of my own way! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I thoroughly enjoyed the shadow work. I was nervous, scared to even look at the “dark” side of mySelf… now I actively look at all aspects of me.

I check in with my inner child on a daily basis. I embrace all of me. I am enough. I love my little Alchemical family so dearly. This group of like minded individuals held space for me each week. We all held space for each other… no judgment, no frills. I am forever grateful for the love, support & compassion that flowed so freely. Hands down one of the best decisions I made for 2021!


The Alchemical Passage was an insightful journey to discovering myself on a deeper level and reconnecting with the inner work that I need to do to be my best and authentic self outwardly.

Coming out of it, I have used the lessons taught by Simone to work through some dark moments, understanding where they may come from and accepting all parts of me in spite of it.

I really think it's worth the time it takes over the six weeks and Simone presents each module in a way that helps you remember and build on it in your own life. I am grateful for the space created during this program



Signing up for The Alchemical Passage was one of the most amazing and life changing decisions I’ve made this year. The program was so well thought off and planned out as each session encouraged me to open up (unfold) various parts of myself that I knew and also didn’t know that even existed within me and really explore and learn more about myself in different phases of my life.


I learnt so much about life, people and myself and I’m forever grateful for that. I knew what I wanted at the end of this journey but I left with that and so so much more. The feeling after each session was one of rejuvenation and this experience has helped me find peace of mind during this time of uncertainty. It has also given me back something I never thought I would have ever gotten in life; a feeling of being sure, certain and ready to live as I held myself back for years from living my true authentic life.


This program is truly a gift and logging in every week to speak to Simone and the other members of the program was really the highlight of my week. With Simone’s genuine warmth, care and welcoming energy, opening up and being vulnerable wasn’t scary anymore but a joy and the space felt very safe. 


This program offered a safe sanctuary to share and heal with the support of others. All that I thought was pain and suffering unique to me, was quickly replaced with the realization that we are more connected than we know, all it takes is openness to sharing for collective healing.


The Alchemical Passage is definitely worth it! The techniques and tools shared during the 6 weeks have been helping me tremendously. I also really liked that it was a small group and I felt comfortable to be on this journey with other people who are (or should I say were) experiencing similar challenges.


The Alchemical Passage really helped in overcoming that self doubt, fear and lack of confidence. It’s been amazing! Simone is great at what she does and it has been a pleasure having her guide and support us on this journey! Thank you Simone! I can safely say that those 6 weeks were fun, inspiring, motivating and eye opening. If you ever feel like you need to reclaim who you are as a person and heal from anything you’ve been through then I definitely recommend embarking on this journey.


Image by Elia Pellegrini

"When you commit to inner work, you’re turning your pain into power like a true spiritual alchemist. Naturally, this inner work leads to creating authentic, bone-deep change in the world, little by little".



Who am I ?

Simone Da Costa

I am a passionate seeker and constant learner in this thing called life. I enjoy nature and relaxation as much as I love my work. 

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist drawing on Western psychodynamic theory and Eastern philosophy and spirituality.

I have been pursuing my own personal growth journey for the past 11 years. This path has led me towards yoga, meditation, mindfulness, astrology, psychology and spirituality. 

I am also a yoga and meditation teacher, a workshop facilitator and creator of two self-care journals - 'Unfolding' and 'Growing'

I have been seeing clients 1:1 in Integrative Psychotherapy for the past four and a half years. My approach to psychotherapy is a holistic one and is infused with my experience in mindfulness and meditation.

I am pouring my experience and insights from my years of study, personal journey and client work into this program; The Alchemical Passage. 



Participating in a group program can be extremely transformative. 

Group work often fosters a sense of belonging and support within a community. Through shared experiences, individuals often find solace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles, which can alleviate feelings of isolation and provide a sense of empathy and understanding.


Group dynamics encourage interpersonal connections and the exchange of diverse perspectives, promoting personal growth and self-awareness.

Additionally, group programs often offer participants a safe space to explore their thoughts and emotions while receiving support and comradery from the other participants. 

"Shame dies when stories are shared in safe spaces"

-Ann Voskamp

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The hybrid version means we meet 6 out of the 8 weekly sessions for a live, online session on google meets. The other two weeks out of the eight you can watch the pre-recorded session in your own time and catch up on your workbook content. You make your own schedule for going through the workbook and engaging in helpful practices to support your journey. 

How much time will be expected of me? 

60-120 minutes for weekly for live or pre-recorded session. Suggested10 minutes of relaxation practice 3x a week. 1 extra hour for workbook reflection questions (or more if you would like. The amount you put in reflects what you get out of this program).

I am notice myself running on autopilot and not making the healthiest, most helpful decisions when I am activated emotionally, what can I do?

We're working on a few things in this program that will help- identifying wounds and beliefs that are being triggered in those moments, using mindfulness to help us take off our autopilot and respond to situations rather than react and enhancing our emotional intelligence and resilience to self-soothe and gain greater self-control


Will this program help me with my relationships ? 

Yes, almost all the conditioned, defense mechanisms we adopt impact all our relationships; friends, co-workers, family members and lovers. We will work to help you gain clarity around your patterns and choose what you want to change them to.

I need help with low self esteem and worth, I think I've gotten better at it but it's still hard to really feel it, can this help? 

Absolutely, the root of many of our difficulties in society to day stem from not feeling like 'enough'. The shadow work we will do in acceptance and integration will make a significant impact.


Your best is yet to come

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