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If you are ready to take the next step on your self-love journey this masterclass is for you 

We are going to apply the lessons learnt in the self-love summit and begin doing the inner work together in a safe space online.

In this masterclass we will cover

And so much more


This online masterclass is a total of 4 hours that will be spread out between two days.

Days and times: 

Tuesday 1st march - 6:00-8:00pm AST and

Sunday 6th March - 4:00-6:00pm AST


Zoom meeting room

For personalized attention best to attend live but there will be a replay available.

This class is for you if:

  • You feel inspired by the self-love summit but not sure where to start

  • You want more personalized attention in identifying some of your blocks to self--worth and to self-love

  • You crave community and connection on this sometimes lonely journey

  • You want to learn more about how you can truly accept yourself-flaws and all- and build self-confidence and self-love

  • You struggle with feeling like you have to prove your worth and you're constantly trying to win love and affection through what you do for others, what you achieve, how you look or what titles you hold in life.

  • You struggle with body image and want to make peace with your body as part of your self-acceptance journey

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Image by Azmarina Tanzir

Uncover the gold within. Leave this masterclass:

  • Feeling more connected to yourself

  • Knowing your next steps and how you plan on implementing and practicing more self-love in your life.

  • Feeling more whole, integrated, confident and at peace with who you are on all levels.

  • Having a greater sense of your worth and deservingness in life. 

  • Feeling better about all aspects of you, less critical and more compassionate. 

Meet your Instructors

SDC stories.png

Simone Da Costa

Integrative Psychotherapist, Self-Development coach and Mindfulness facilitator

Learn about Simone.

Click here


Grace Mackey

Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Yoga Therapist

Learn about Grace.

Click here


Do I have to attend live?
While it will be best to attend live to get more individual attention, there will be replays available if you can't make the time of the online sessions.

How much do I have to share?
There will be a lot of information and practices and a little sharing, you don't have to share more than you feel comfortable with. 

How long will I have access to the replays?
One month :) 

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