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A variety of online or in-person workshops to meet the needs of different people and address various topics. 

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I host both private and corporate workshops

Private workshops are the ones I create when inspired and they have different themes. Anyone can join in on these when they are being offered.

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Stay tuned for any upcoming private workshops.

None planned at the moment.

Corporate workshops I create when a company or any group contacts me to facilitate a session for them. 

Examples of past corporate workshops:

  • Mental Health awareness sessions for employers and employees

  • Building resiliency in uncertainty

  • Precision through presence - mindfulness for leaders

  • Self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-love seminars

  • Mindfulness and relaxation sessions

  • Managing the mind- coping strategies for anxiety and overwhelm

  • Self-Care workshop- 8 pillars of wellbeing

  • Workshops for building trust, connection and communication

  • Team building and/or relaxation retreats

Over the past four years I have had the privilege of working with companies like BPTT, IDB, Maple Leaf International School, VCTT, Families in Action and other smaller, private entities.

Sessions can be held online or in person. Prices vary.

Prices start at TT$1200 for 0-10 participants (dependent on location)

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