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Back in time to close off 2022!

Awakening online

A three part workbook with reflection questions accompanied by guided, audio meditations. 

This workbook and meditation program will help you to release the year that has just passed and set intentions and goals for the new year to come. 

Part 1: Year review

Part 2: Clarify and strategize

Part 3: Ignite your passion! 

Let go of what's accumulated this year, get clear on what you want to align more to next year and get ready to make magic. 

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Sacred Spiral Masterclasses

Access to NINE pre-recorded workshops of all types.

These workshops draw on topics from psychology, spirituality, personal growth and more. 

Watch at your leisure, pay per month (however many months you want or need). 

If you want to learn new things on your personal growth journey and get practices to support you the Sacred Spiral Masterclass Membership is for you.

The Mental Health Survival Kit

Just like we invest in vitamins,  supplements, and doctor visits for our body, we should invest in mental and emotional health.

The Mental Health Survival Kit helps you do just that.

It is an online, self-paced, step-by-step guide on how to build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and inner resilience.

It contains different workshop recordings to help you learn your triggers and manage your anxiety as well as guided, audio practices to help you achieve your mental health goals.

Everything is pre-recorded. Go at your own pace.


Returning in 2023

The Alchemical Passage

Online, group transformation program

This program is a blend between what you can do in therapy and what you can do in a self development workshop.

This is a 6 week program offered in a hybrid format of some live, weekly sessions online and some self-paced, self-study segments.

It's time to unlearn and release the old beliefs that keep you back and weigh you down. You can have happiness, you can feel fulfilled, the question is just are you ready?

Our next group begins later in 2023

Dates to be announced.

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