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Hosted by Simone Da Costa,
Psychotherapist & Self-development workshop faciliator

Day 3

Lauren Eliz Love

In this session Lauren suggests ways we can shift our mindset and perspective to embrace more self-love. 

She invites us to challenge the stories we tell ourselves. 

We discuss self-sacrifice and the guilt associated with starting to implement self-love.


We also talk about all the things we tie to self-worth and how we can begin to find our true selves

tune in to hear more.

Lauren is a spiritual teacher and self healing facilitator. She is the founder of the six month transformation program called HEAL and focuses on helping women rewrite their realities, and their relationships with themselves. Lauren has been in the personal development space for the last seven years, and is the creator of the Spiritual Container, the Soul Portal Community. 

She is also a big advocate of plant medicine and is the creator of the plant medicine 101 masterclass and the Ceremony starter kit for spiritual development. 

To learn more about Lauren's work visit her website - here

Instagram - here

Day 3 Resources

After listening to Lauren's video you may want to take action on the task I suggested for all of you on asking yourself what your needs are. If you feel called to do this download the PDF below

Your next steps...

A parting note with some suggestions for your next steps on your self-love journey.

If you enjoyed these lessons and videos you might like some of the content that I have available in my Sacred Spiral Masterclasses. 

There are 9 pre-recorded masterclasses on different topics of spirituality, psychology, personal development and more. 

You have the option to purchase all 9 or a couple of them are sold singly. 

Learn more:

Or if you are ready for some meditation and journaling. My Unfolding journal helps you with your introspection jounrey. 

Introspection - getting to know yourself - is a key component to achieving self-acceptance and eventually more authentic self-love. 

Simone Da Costa

Wishing you all the best on your journey! 



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