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Mental Health Survival Kit

By Simone Da Costa

An integration of mental health tools and techniques from the teachings of  psychotherapy, mindfulness, yoga and meditation. 

All you need in one place for managing your more difficult emotions, learning your warning signs and triggers as well as better helping yourself out of spiral and burnout situations.

Start here


Click to play your introductory video and learn a bit about how I've laid out this package for your maximum benefit and ease.

Image by Matt Barringer

Your mental health compass 

Listen to the talk first to get a gist for what the mental health compass is all about.

Next access your Workbook to go into more detail and uncover the aspects important and personal to you.

Click here to watch the video lecture
Click here to download the workbook
Image by Matt Barringer

Preventative Self Care Measures 

Guided, audio recordings for practices that you can implement into your daily life. Try them out and find the few that really resonate with you and suit your needs. 

Use this body scan to assess your inner states and to build the connection between your mind and body

Body Scan practice
00:00 / 00:05

If you are new to meditation and find it difficult to sit still you may prefer to start with some of these more 'active' meditations.

Walking meditationSimone Da Costa
00:00 / 11:15
Deep breathingSimone Da Costa
00:00 / 00:05

If you are adjusting to meditation and finding it easier to sit still and calm your mind, you may enjoy some of these more 'passive' meditations.

Witnessing thoughtsSimone Da Costa
00:00 / 00:05
Mindful meditationSimone Da Costa
00:00 / 00:05

Emergency Self Care practices

These practices can help you during intense moments of anxiety or negative spiraling. Although they can be used in the 'emergency' moment, for maximum benefit it will help if you familiarize yourself with them at a time that you are in a more neutral, okay state of mind. 

Vagus nerve, humming practice

PFC practice

Do the practice
Watch the PFC introduction
Click here to access your PFC practice

Self Compassion practice

00:00 / 00:05
Self compassion notes and exercise
pexels-anna-shvets-5760925 2.jpeg
Rock in Sand
Rock in Sand

Anxiety workshop

This workshop incorporates CBT, mindfulness, and somatic exercises to help you to better understand your anxiety and learn a whole new approach to anxiety management and reduction

Access the Anxiety workshop

Tips and Tricks

Affirmation printables
Morning meditation- Start your day
00:00 / 00:05
Unwind from your daySimone Da Costa
00:00 / 00:05
Self care schedule & printables


I'd love to hear from you. 

Let me know if you have any questions or simply how you're going throughout this program and process. 

Wishing you well,

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