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Your inner journey begins here.

If you are ready to look inside yourself, process the past, find inner peace, establish self-love, grow and foster future fulfillment....... you are in the right place.

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Integrative Psychotherapy is a mode of talk therapy that includes embodied, somatic approaches and techniques. It is a mind-body, holistic approach that offers you a safe space to process life challenge's and difficulties. 

UKCP accredited.

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Solo and Group programs available. Whether you need to heal past wounds, befriend anxiety, transform old patterns or eliminate limiting beliefs one of these online programs may be for you.

Check them out.

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These short DIY courses give you the freedom to go at your own pace and learn about different topics within the fields of psychology, spirituality and personal growth. 

Browse courses on emotions, embodiment, meditation, attachment styles and so much more.

Upcoming Workshops!

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Returning August 2024!

The Alchemical Passage

Online, Group Transformation Program.​

  • Build Emotional Resilience

  • Get to know your reaction patterns and how they are affecting your relationships

  • Heal limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind

  • Understand core wounds and reparent your inner child

  • Befriend your inner critic and enhance your self-compassion

  • Empower yourself physically and psychologically and SO much more


Yoga, meditation, mantra, chakra psychology and more to help us balance our chakras and release any stored trauma, emotion or difficult experiences and beliefs.


Flow State 
Somatic Chakra series
Details coming soon!


mindbody integration
19. From your life wheel review and ratings (page 33), which three areas of life need more



A guide to Introspection, Intention and Integration A 90-Day Journey to Personal Transformation.

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Rediscover yourself with Unfolding journal

Unfolding is a book of journal prompt, guided meditations, 'did you know' sections to help you reconnect with yourself and grow in self-love and acceptance.

Learn more...


About me

Simone Da Costa

A passionate dreamer with a love for all things wellness.

Simone's own personal growth journey over the past eleven years has led her into the jungles of Costa Rica, along the beaches of Grenada and across the Moors of Southern England. 


Along these adventures Simone has been studying and practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and psychology.

She has trained as a 200hr Yoga Teacher with internationally celebrated Rasa Yoga teacher Sianna Sherman and spent years learning from other spiritual teachers.

Simone has a MSc. in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute in the UK, accredited by the UKCP. This approach to psychotherapy allows a beautiful integration of western psychology with eastern philosophy providing a holistic approach to therapy.​

Learn more about Integrative Psychotherapy here

Simone also LOVES integrating all that she's learned over the years into unique self-development workshops, programs and retreats to help others reconnect with themselves and find a sense of inner peace.

These workshops are catered towards self awareness, self empowerment and self discovery or rediscovery. Simone is passionate about helping individuals to reconnect with their true selves and prioritize their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

For more on workshops or online programs Click here

Simone's approach to therapy, programs, workshops, retreats or anything she takes on always incorporates a unique fusion of psychology, spirituality and personal development. 

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You deserve to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. 

All you need is already inside of you, the thing is that sometimes the challenges of life covers our inner light up with layers of mud.

My mission is to help you remove external layers of mud until you find your inner light again. 
I truly believe that each person deserves to not just exist in life but to thrive and live a life they love waking up to each day. 

You can begin this work with me on a 1:1 basis in therapy or through an online program like The Alchemical Passage (returning in July 2024). 

My 3 Pillars



The only way to create the life we want is to get to know the person living this life. It is only through knowing a person that you can know if you love them right?

Introspection is how we grow self-love and self-acceptance.



By connecting the mind to the body we gain so much more insight and clarity into our autopilot reactions and unhelpful patterns. The body keeps us connected to the present moment and helps us grow in self-awareness. It is in the body where we can find refuge, vitality and wisdom.



If you aren't behind the steering wheel of your life who is?

Personal growth is a way to bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment into your life. When you work towards what you want you are showing yourself self-love in action.

Free Resources

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Recommended books and tools

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