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What if...
you could feel calm and grounded no matter what happens in the outside world?



We were forced to face our emotions, deal with loss, and experience anxiety, depression, loneliness and lack of motivation, just to name a few.


This past year hasn’t been easy, but trust me,  you can create a grounded foundation of calm even during uncertain times. You can find peace, contentment, and clarity even when facing adversity.

 Calm lives within all of us.

it is time we learn how to access it.

Here’s the problem…
In order to reduce anxiety and improve your mental health, you need discipline.

By trying different methods on your own you might be...

  • Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

  • Feeling like you can’t sit still because your mind is always racing ( and you don’t know the proper technique to calm down)

  • Not setting yourself up for success by not planning ahead of time and opening some space for your practice

  • Feeling lonely because you don’t have an accountability partner

  • Feeling lost because nothing seems to be working

  • Thinking anxiety and low mood are part of your personality instead of chasing optimal mental health.  

  • Feeling disconnected

  • You don’t know where to start, what information you are missing and why this process is so hard!

Because just like we invest in vitamins,  supplements, and doctor visits for our body, we should invest in mental and emotional health.

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 12.43.07

Can you imagine...

...having a toolkit so you can quickly bounce back from difficult times and have more control over your mental health?

You have greater control and awareness over your mental and emotional - that has a positive ripple effect on your relationships, work, and all aspects of your life.

You understand your emotional triggers.

You no longer feel helpless if you find yourself in a negative spiral of emotion.

You learn to prioritize your mental health and be consistent with your practice.

You .gain access to guided practices that help you establish peace and calm daily


The Mental Health Survival Kit

A self-paced, step-by-step guide on how to build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and inner resilience.

Here’s what's inside...

​Mental Health Compass workbook and lecture

(Value TT$350/ US$52)

Learn how to identify warning signs to know when your mental and emotional state is veering off course.  You will also learn self-care techniques so you can build your own toolkit for when difficult emotions start to take over. This is a self-awareness and emotional intelligence boost  to help you in times of mental and emotional ‘emergency.

​Guided audio recordings of preventive and emergency self-care practices

(Value TT$250/ US$37) 

Guided meditations to facilitate deep breathing, mindfulness, vagus nerve stimulation and more.

Anxiety Workshop

(Value TT$300/ US$44)

This workshop incorporates CBT, mindfulness, and somatic exercises to help you to better understand your anxiety and learn a whole new approach to anxiety management and reduction.

Extra tools, tips and printables to help you along your journey

(Value TT$150/ US$22)

TOTAL: TT$1050 / US $155
value package program

Get it today for only TT$550/ US$81 

(Your Wait list offer valid only until July 3rd)

Your unfolding journey begins here.png

Hi, I'm Simone

I am a passionate seeker and constant learner in this thing called life. I enjoy nature and relaxation as much as I love my work. 


I have had to find balance again and again in my own life and have come to the realization that as life shifts, we will constantly have to adjust to find our center. 


It is through my own experiences as well as years of study in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and spirituality that I try to make as much of a positive impact in others lives as I can. My main intention is to help women reconnect with their true selves and live happy, peaceful and fulfilling lives. 


What they are saying...


"Simone Da Costa’s meditation class was an investment in myself that was worth every cent. Her calm and pleasant demeanor was soothing in the midst of this Covid pandemic. I truly appreciated her clear guidelines on breathing and explanation of meditation techniques that allowed me to process unresolved trauma in my life as well as gave me tools to function in an improved way."

- Paula

Danielle .jpeg

"Earlier this year I started experiencing anxiety for the first time from stress with exams, hormones & well.. a  global PANDEMIC! Not knowing how to manage this I decided to sign up for Simone’s 6-week online meditation classes. Being a beginner I was skeptical if meditation would really work for me but with Simone’s warm and calm personality she helped us all learn how to relax our mind& body and focus on ‘the breath’. She taught us many techniques to help us create our own meditation practice whichever worked best for us. For me, it always came back to the breath, and even after the classes have ended I still practice this in my daily life. Even on a busy day when I don’t take the time to meditate I still stop for a moment and take a few breaths and try to recenter myself. The classes were extremely helpful to me & I highly recommend trying them if you are suffering from anxiety or just need a safe environment to meditate and wind down with a group at the end of a stressful day."

- Danielle

more kind words about past workshops...

"This experience has helped me find peace of mind in my darkest hour. It has also given me back something I never thought I would have ever gotten in life; a feeling of being relaxed and regenerated. Being a new mother and having my life change so dramatically, I am always on the go with my mind and body. This workshop gave that back to me. It has been the best first-time experience of the yoga world to me". 

- Kendra


"Embodied Presence was a welcomed gift at the perfect moment. In such a short workshop I gained so much understanding and awareness as well as tools that I can use in my life to continue this experience and continue benefiting from the practice and tools gained here"

- Stephanie.


This is a very relaxing experience. It gave me a sense of empowerment and awareness of the control that I have over my life. Overall it is a positive path through all the negatives. 

- Dianne.

pexels-anna-shvets-5760925 2.jpeg

Wait list Pricing

Ends on July 3rd!

TT$550 / US $81


Regular Pricing

July 4th onwards

TT$780 / US$115


Frequent Questions

How long do I have access for? 

You will have access to the program for 6 months.

Will this be a big time commitment? 

You can schedule in as much or as little time to explore the content as suits your schedule. 

I just can’t seem to sit still and quiet my mind, will this program help? 

Yes, I’ve catered some specific tips to those who feel quite agitated and stressed often. 

Will this program help me experience less anxiety? 

Yes, in understanding your anxiety more and learning tools to help you cope with it, you may experience less anxiety, less often. 

I often think I can learn the techniques on my own but end up just not knowing where to start. Will this program give me enough guidance to incorporate these lessons into my daily life? 

Absolutely, I’ve even included some bonus extras like printable schedules in order to get these tools into your routine. I’ve also laid out all the lessons in a suggested order for cohesion and ease of learning.

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