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Sacred Spiral Self-Reflection 

Knowing ourselves is one of the most important aspects of this human existence.

"Do Thine own work and know Thyself"


"Self-knowledge is the first step to maturity

Jane Austin

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom".


"Self-awareness is a key to self-mastery"

Gretchen Rubin

  This practice does two important things:

1) It guides you in deep self-reflection to discover all of who you are on the surface layer levels of Self.

2) It helps you create space from the perception of Self and connect to your Divine Inner Being and all of who you truly are at your Core.


What is included:

There is a 13 minute introductory video with set up instructions and explanations followed by your 50 minute audio, meditation and reflection practice. 

There is also a workbook to accompany the practice!

This practice makes a wonderful birthday ritual. 

Your birthday is an opportunity to celebrate the day you were born - to celebrate your existence here on earth. 

Who are you? What do you want from this next year of life on earth? 

Taking some time for self-reflection on your birthday to reconnect with your authentic self and purpose can help provide clarity and direction. 

You can gift it this practice to your loved ones. 

Purchase it and send them the access file you get sent.

Image by asma Alrashed

If you're feeling a bit lost, disconnected or confused, a self-reflection practice can help. 

If you want to feel: 

More connected to yourself

More self-appreciation





Inner peace

This practice is for you - or for someone you love! 

You can gift it as well. Purchase it and send them the access file you get sent. 

You can use credit card via stripe, paypal or wipay or opt for online bank transfer.

Just add to cart and then click 'check out'. 

Under 'manual payment' you will get wipay and bank transfer options.

Who am I?

I am Simone Da Costa, Integrative Psychotherapist, yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher and personal development workshop facilitator. 

I have been using this practice personally every year for the past 6 years and I find it such a beautiful and profound practice to connect deeply with your Self and your Inner Being (or higher self). 
I'm so excited to share this practice with you!

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