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Hosted by Simone Da Costa,
Psychotherapist & Self-development workshop faciliator

Day 2 Introduction video

Day 2 Resources

Day 2

Evy Parkinson

In this session Evy provides great tips and tools for you if you're just beginning the self-love journey. 

She also explains the difference between two types of self-love. 


tune in to this amazing session to hear more.

Evy has been a Mind.Body Transformational Therapist and founder of Harmoniousinfinity since 2013. 
Harmoniousinfinity is a Registered Trademark in Trinidad & Tobago. W.I

She started her professional journey by completing her BSc in Psychology from the University of West Indies & Atlantic 

International University to then study and train Hypnotherapy in Florida, to complete a EFT Certificate and then do a Masters in Clinical Hypnosis from Spain.  She has completed certificates in Tai Chi & Qigong and she has been training it for over 10 years, which has been a huge influence in what and how she teaches.

To learn more about Evy's work visit her website - here

Linkedin - here

Facebook - here

Instagram - here

Da Costa

In this talk I share with you why it isn't easy to go from not loving yourself to suddenly loving yourself and a practice to help you smoothen out the transition. 

Simone Da Costa has spent the last 10 years on her own journey toward wellness and personal growth. This journey has introduced her to multiple modalities of healing including yoga, mindfulness, meditation and psychotherapy.


She blends her years of personal experience and professional study to create unique, personal development workshops and online programs to guide individual's back to themselves; mind, body and soul.


Simone is the creatrix of the self discovery journal; Unfolding and facilitates one-to-one sessions in Integrative Psychotherapy.

To learn more about Simone's Integrative Psychotherapy - click here

To learn more about online programs - click here

or follow her on Instagram - click here

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