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Unfolding Gift Box

Your journey begins here.

Unfolding is a book of thought provoking journal prompts and insightful guided meditations to help you dive deep into your self discovery, self care and personal growth. It is sprinkled with inspirational poems, uplifting line drawings and bonus ‘did you know’ and ‘dig deep’ sections to enliven and deepen your journey. Unfolding provides all the guidance and inspiration you need to allow your inner most radiance to unfold and fill your life with light.

Your Unfolding gift box includes: 

  • Unfolding Journal

  • Pen

  • 'Me time' candle

  • Custom match box

You'll have everything you need to engage in some profound and heartfelt self care. 

15% off now

About your'Me Time' Candle

Your 'Me Time' Candle is a handpicked and created scent of white tea and plumeria. 

The scent mimics the idea of winding down for a mini date with yourself. 

Plumeria is a flower that gives us some floral notes to remember our theme of flowers unfolding as we pursue our own Unfolding journeys. 

Pure soy wax and arabian essential oils, it's a more luxurious candle to enjoy and indulge in... and you deserve it! 

Unfolding me time.jpeg

What's inside Unfolding Journal?

40 journal prompt reflection questions to provoke thought and clarity 

10 guided, audio meditations to facilitate depth and connection

'Dig Deep' and 'Did you know' sections for additional insight and information

Beautiful graphics and quotes to inspire and uplift

A thoughtful gift

You may choose to express self love and gift yourself The Unfolding gift box. 

Or, maybe you already have the Unfolding Journal and you'd like to show to a friend or loved one how much you really care.

Unfolding as a gift says a lot, it's an expression of truly seeing another person's true self.

It is an act of kindness that says, I sincerely care about your physical, mental and emotional well being. 


This gift is a tool for mental health, emotional stability and spiritual connection

Purchase details

The investment for your Unfolding gift box: TT$360

Payments via credit, debit, cash or cheque (Trinidad nationals only). 


15% off now! 

To order:


Anchor gift box purchase

Also, new in! 

♥ Minis! ♥

These minis are perfect items to facilitate your 'me-time'. 

They feature our me time candle, custom match box and come packaged in a sweet mini, silver box. 

The perfect gift at a lower price point! 

These minis are available for $130

On sale now! 15% off! 

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