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Acknowledging your thoughts and feelings

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Often, we like to distract ourselves from our own thoughts or feelings. We do this with music, or having the tv on in the background, we do it with socializing and some distract themselves with alcohol and drugs. We all need to slow down and get some quiet time in. This quiet time can be attributed to meditation or mindfulness but it can also be used just to sit with yourself and address your innermost thoughts and feelings.

The thing is, if you’re one who can’t stand silence and is always on the go, more than likely the thoughts or feelings you are running from are quite bothersome or intense. This is the exact reason why they need your attention.

Heavy, difficult, tumultuous thoughts and feelings that go unattended to and are allowed to fester underneath the surface of our awareness all implode or explode eventually! I don’t mean this in a light way. Either they erupt during stressful situations and can cause harm to anyone (usually our loved ones) who are in close vicinity or they implode on us internally provoking stress related illnesses, anxiety and depression. Either way, it can have a truly detrimental impact later on.

Ignoring and running from our problems provides short term relief but long term disaster.

I urge you not to take this lightly. I sometimes talk about seeking therapy, and addressing your inner difficulties from more of a self development lens. It is something that will help you grow and evolve but today, I come to you with this message from a more dire stand point. As suicide rates continue to elevate, I am reminded and want to remind you that your mental health and emotional self care can be a matter of life or death.

If you’ve had an inkling that there is ‘stuff’ underneath the surface of your awareness - situations from the past or the present that are weighing you down - I urge you to take care of your mental well-being and seek a therapist.

This post is in no way a means of advertising myself as a therapist. I don’t intend to suggest you need to come and see me, I just urge you to see any therapist you resonate with so that you can face your demons and find relief here and now. I want you to take preventative measures against what could be detrimental in the future.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or ideation please seek help.

Here are some numbers you can call if you reside in Trinidad:

  • Lifeline (24hr hotline)

800-5588, 231-2824, 220-3636

  • Families in Action 24hr helpline

(868) 628-2333.

  • Alive Suicide Hotline

688-8525, 650-5270

This website provides a comprehensive list of therapists who provide pro-bono or low cost therapy.

If you would like to contact me for a consult of referral find me here

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