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Transformative lessons I learnt through eclipse season

This past eclipse season in Gemini was truly transformative for me. I think as it coincided with my birthday it had an extra potent effect. I have paid special attention to my birthday each year for the past eight years as a time to shed layers of old self (habits or behaviors that are no longer benefiting me in life) and attune to my new or truer self that wants to be known and experienced by me.

Each time I really come through a transformative exploration of my inner world it feels like a full rebirth. The me I am today is not the me I was ten years ago or even the me I was last month. Although it isn’t always easy to become more conscious about our faults and flaws and ways we can show up more authentically in this world, I am committed to it and often, once you start there really isn’t any going back.

The saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ is so true! Sometimes I wish for it, however, I remind myself that I’ve come to believe that we can only be ignorant for so long. I believe that whether you choose to or not, eventually life will crack you open and ask you to pay attention to what’s really happening for you underneath the surface of it all. Some people unfortunately have to go through illness, break ups, a mid life crisis or other major life changes in order to be forced to pay attention. I choose to do my work from now in order to be the best version of myself I can be for my work and for the people in my lives.

What the eclipse seasons tend to illuminate is our shadow sides. It’s funny that no matter how much I feel like I’ve done a lot of my shadow work, there is always more to be revealed and attended to. I had a really hard week last week with some endings, life transitions, existential and relationship questions emerging. It felt like all avenues of life were being shaken up all at once. I anchored myself and went head first into the storm, really showing up for the work by sitting with the questions, journaling, talking to my therapist and helping myself through the emotions that came with it all.

There’s so much to share on this but for now I want to list some of my main lessons and takeaways from this transformative period:

  • We are cyclical beings and our inner work comes in waves. There will be periods of calm and periods of storm. Remember that it will pass and you just need to ride out the storm as best as you can. Listen in, pay attention but take care of yourself most importantly.

  • Becoming more conscious and aware of our habits, defense mechanisms, perceptions and autopilot reactions is hard work at times but it pays off, especially in our relationships.

  • A crucial component of relationships is speaking up and communicating even the uncomfortable, hard stuff that you fear will create conflict. The more you take your time with what you need to say and honor your truth, the less likely conflict will ensue.

  • If you have a difficult topic to speak up about in a relationship in your life it helps to really sit with it for yourself first; feel all the feels that need to arise, journal about it and speak about it to a trustworthy other. When you are ready, take the clarity you’ve gained and draw on your inner strength to speak your truth to your friend or loved one with compassion and the intention to do no harm.

  • Pay attention to your growth and celebrate even the smallest of milestones. Each time you get through a difficult wave of life you’ve grown and show up in the world healthier and more authentic because of it.

I hope these lessons are helpful for you on your own inner journey. If it resonates please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over on Instagram. I often host online workshops that attend to different themes that emerge on our personal growth journey. If you’d like to stay up to date on my offerings, follow me on Instagram or sign up for my monthlish newsletter here.

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