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My 2022 manifestations that came true this year.

Visualizations and intention setting WORKS, I have the proof.

Story time!

I have been dying to tell this story. So! Let's dive right in.

In December 2022 I set intentions as I always do and I made my vision board to reflect these intentions and what I wanted to call in for the new year. 


A few manifested, others didn't but the visualization was key for the ones that did!

I had already decided to move to Portugal and was interviewing with the retreat center I'm at now. The job wasn't confirmed, I was still in the interview stage. The retreat center is located in Serra da Estrela national park here in Portugal, which is a BIG PLACE. 

As I was making my vision board I decided to google 'house in Serra da Estrela' and picked a nice one that felt like a YES in my body. I then cut and pasted a pic of me and my partner onto the photo. 

Here is my photo shopped pic ----------------------->

Boy was I blown away when I arrived to Portugal, got the job, came to the retreat center and one day was leaving the center to go to the nearby town. 

And what do I see just 5 minutes away from the center? 

The very same house! 


We are here (red arrow below) and the entire green area is Serra da Estrela. 

Tell me.... what are the chances?!

Someone do the math for me.

I've been dying to get a photo in front of the house for real but it's on a precarious corner so I haven't yet and these days it's already pitch black when I leave work but let's see what I can do. 

I'm hoping I get one before I leave - JUST in case you don't believe me. Stay tuned.

I even almost ended up renting a room in the house! But I chose another place instead.

One more story!

So, there was a time in December 2022 when I moved houses in preparation for my move to Portugal. I had a lame background for online zoom sessions. So I played around with using a background from stock images. Again, I chose one that felt good in my body. (Remember I was interviewing at this time. I had seen some pictures of the retreat center but had not seen the view and the landscape. I had an inkling that it might look something like the background I chose but at this point I didn't deliberately choose the background because it looked like the place. I just chose it because it felt good in my body).  

Low and behold, my fake zoom background and real life background below.

What do you think?!

Same same but different?

So there you have it, I am proof that vision boards and intention setting work.

I also had a plate of healthy food on my vision board and then landed up in this retreat center where all my meals are catered and they are all sugar free, healthy options. 

SO, tell me, what do you want to manifest this year? 

I am working on my intentions for 2024. I actually have some big decisions to make as I leave the retreat center in January after one beautiful year of growth and expansion. 

I'm excited to create my next year of life and call in all the wonderful things. 

(BTW, just to be real for a second. 2023 wasn't all a bed of roses - just so you know. I manifested some of the things I wanted but with it came more challenges for my growth and evolution so it wasn't always easy). 

What I am doing to get clear on my intentions:

  •  Letting myself thinking and day dream

  • Journaling ALOT- it’s the only way I get clarity from all the thinking and day dreaming.

  • Asking myself questions, asking other people questions. Inquiring into different situations and scenarios.

  • Letting both my head and heart speak to me through meditation and visualization.

  • **Processing the year that's passed and calling in what I want for the new year ahead!

If you want to process the past, harvest your lessons and beautiful memories and then get clear and set intentions for 2024 my workbook will guide you the ENTIRE way. 

Best part is, it's only $18.99!

Check it out!

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