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Connecting the mind to the body through Embodied Presence

Cultivating the power of presence and self-awareness has been a pivotal part of my journey for years now and has been especially helpful in navigating growing pains and transitions in life more recently.

The things is, in life these days we rely so heavily on our mind and brain to make all our decisions and to do all of the work, however, scientists have found that the gut contains so many neurons it's being called, a second brain.

Our body holds so much wisdom and we just need to access it.

Here are a few reasons why the mind-body connection is so valuable in helping us function in life:

1) Embodiment or the connection of the mind to the body helps us rediscover the present moment.

The mind is often time traveling into the past and into the future. It's so powerful that it can create worry spirals of anxiety or remorseful plummets of regret and sadness.

When we tune into the body, it helps us reorient to the present moment and get perspective.

2) From a yogic perspective, connecting the mind to the body also enhances our capacity to balance our chakras or connect to the essence each of our chakras represent.

For example - our solar plexus chakra is our center of will power, discipline, self-confidence and the core of who we are. Therefore if we feel like any of these elements are out of balance we want to focus on reconnecting our attention to our solar plexus.

Another example of embodied presence and how it relates to the chakras is the sacral chakra. This is our center of sexuality, pleasure and the potential to create- life or birth a project of some other creative pursuit.

Thus, when I connect to my sacral chakra, I feel more fluid, feminine, intuitive and creative. When I am going to create a new workshop or program, I connect to this area of my body and allow it to guide me intuitively.

Needless to say, you can begin to imagine why we might like to connect more to these centers in our bodies- including the heart or place of compassion, love and connection, the throat where we can speak up for ourselves and express ourselves authentically and our third eye for example; the home of our vision for our life and other intuitive abilities among all the others.

More on chakras in an upcoming new masterclass.

3) Being connected to the body can help us process information and make decisions as well as manage anxiety.

Our bodies receive information from our environment and often have reactions to it. You know that 'lump in your throat', 'butterflies in your stomach', 'gut wrenching' or 'sinking' feeling we get sometimes?

This is how your body communicates. By being in touch with the body and it's sensations you can use it to guide you towards decisions that are more aligned to your inner being.

Even your anxiety is your body's way of telling you that something doesn't feel right and that it is sensing danger.

Sometimes this danger isn't physical or might seem irrational but it's what your body is feeling, so by acknowledging it, you can then have greater capacity to manage the anxiety at it's root cause.

A workbook on Embodied Presence

A manual with practices to help you develop more Embodied Presence; a greater connection of mind and body.

The intention behind Embodied Presence is to reconnect on a deeper level to the physical body and your inner landscape - the sensations, emotions or feelings you may experience within.

​In this workbook you will have information as well as access to 3 guided, audio practices that help you to:

  • Reconnect with your body

  • Begin to befriend your thoughts and feelings

  • Slow down, relax and spend time with yourself.

  • Reflect and learn about the mind-body connection.

On sale now - check it out here.

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